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Before & After (Behind the Scenes of Our Post-Processing)

Since every photo after your wedding is edited, I thought it would be helpful if I illustrate the stages your images go through, as they transform from Straight Out Of The Camera to Proofs to Finished Album Prints.

1st STEP - This is where your image begins, the second I press that button on my camera. Nobody actually sees the image in this stage, but this is where it all starts.

2nd STEP - Proofing Stage: All your images are individually retouched, color corrected, tonal adjustments, and converted to JPG. 

3rd STEP - Finished Images: This is where the magic happens, and I go that extra mile to make sure your images are the best they can look.  I will remove blemishes, even out skin tones, dodge & burn, apply selective color/contrast adjustments, sharpen, and make sure your photos are ready to be printed.

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